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Retail vs Digital: What's your preference?

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  • Retail vs Digital: What's your preference?

    The last few years has seen the number of people buying games digitally rise, yet there are some gamers who prefer to buy everything retail when possible. So which camp do you fall into or do you sit on the fence?
    Support Both

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    I do support both, when possible I do prefer to purchase physical versions of games, some of the reasons why I prefer physical versions of games are:

    Price: Digital versions of games at least on PSN tend to be priced much higher than I can actually buy them for from online shops. A quick look on the PSN store and you will see games priced at ridiculous prices like the examples below.
    Name PSN Retail
    Attack on Titan £54.99 £24.99
    Battlefield 1 £54.99 £23.85
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes £54.99 £14.99
    Deus EX: Mankind Divided £49.99 £6.85
    Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star £49.99 £18.00
    Horizon Zero Dawn £49.99 £27.75
    Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens £49.99 £14.99
    Throw in the fact that I can lend out these games if I choose to (I won't do so don't ask) or I can trade these in towards my next purchase (again I won't do) then their really isn't any reason for me to support digital games over retail versions. Yet I do still buy digital as well, normally when it's on sale or if it's a digital only release. (Or if I want to get some more games to play without the missus knowing I spent the money that was supposed to go towards the electric bill).

    I do get the argument that with digital you don't have to worry about storage and you can just download it again whenever you want, which is all well and good apart from when you want to play a game that you have deleted from your hdd due to lack of space. With many games weighing in at around 40gb these days it's far quicker for me to throw the disc into the PS4 and install and download the latest patch than download the whole game from PSN.

    Sure the retail versions take up more space, but that is part of the charm I can just look through them at a glance and see which games I have on my shelves and pick something to play rather than having to scroll through all the folders I have on my PS4, (Which can be a bit of a pain to say the least). Plus throw in the fact that I can see at a glance which games I own before buying something from an online retailer. With digital this isn't the case, especially when you throw in multiple accounts for different regions which end up with you buying multiple copies of the same games that you already own like a dumbass (No? Just me that does this then? aww shucks).

    So for me I have to say that my preference is most definitely retail when possible, it's just a shame that manuals seem to be becoming a thing of the past.

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      For some reason I've been buying a lot of mine digitally recently.